Our Reach

Since Feb 14, 2012 we have trained 33045 people in Compression Only CPR


Gallatin Heart Rescue was formed after a miraculous cardiac arrest save in July of 2011. The patient was saved because CPR had been initiated within minutes of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). This patient walked out of the hospital without any neurological deficits within a week. Gallatin Heart Rescue is a product of a few of the pre-hospital caregivers who responded to that emergency, and who recognized the impact of bystander CPR on a favorable outcome.


The mission of Gallatin Heart Rescue is to increase the rate of survival from SCA within Gallatin County by increasing reates of bystander CPR, through direct involvement of the community.  Read More . . .

Our Approach

Recent studies have shown up to a 10-fold difference in survival from SCA between communities across the country. Gallatin Heart Rescue aims to combine some of the most successful techniques and strategies employed by the communities with the highest survival rates for SCA. Read More . . .